Plant Therapy in de tijd van coronacrisis

Normaal schrijf ik mijn blogs altijd in het Nederlands. Dit keer maak ik daar een uitzondering op. 

Nu in deze crisistijd, wil ik graag delen waarom ik Plant Therapy heb gekozen om mee samen te werken. Naast alle geweldige producten, komen ze ook daadwerkelijk hun woorden na. Een bedrijf gericht op mensen en de samenleving, in woord en in daad!

En van mij, voor jullie: Stay Home, Stay Safe!


With so much going on in the world, it’s time for all of us to work together to help our local communities in whatever ways we can. We wanted to share a few of the ways that we can work together to help our neighbors, locally-owned businesses and anyone else who’s struggling during these uncertain times.


What Plant Therapy’s Doing


Grab & Go Lunches
So many children depend on the meals provided at school, but with all the school closures, we recognize that many children and families may be struggling to put food on the table. Working with local food vendors, we’re making and giving out 1,000 sack lunches at our 2nd Avenue S location in Twin Falls, ID to provide an essential meal to those in need. Whether it’s kids, seniors or anyone who finds themselves out of work, we want to make sure those in our community are taken care of.


Gift Cards from Local Businesses
We all have those favorite businesses. The barista who knows your regular order. The hardware store owner who tells you how to install the part you just bought. The restaurant that serves authentic Thai food because the chef immigrated here. These businesses are what make our communities so special. As a way to help those businesses and thank our employees for their tireless work, Chris Jones (our CEO) purchased over $25,000 worth of gift cards from 18 of the locally owned businesses in our community to give to Plant Therapy employees and has issued a challenge to other business owners to do what they can to help.


Care Packages for Assisted Living Facilities
We assembled and delivered 400 care packages to residents and healthcare workers of the local assisted living facilities. Each package included some Age-Defying Body Cream, Pineapple Lip Balm, and Lavender Roll-Ons.

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